Thousands of Cherry Blossom Trees in Yoshino, Nara 2019

Street of Mount YoshinoPhoto Gallery

Mount Yoshino in Nara Prefecture is known by the magnificent cherry blossoms. Thousands of cherry blossom trees have just started to cover the mountain surface. Photos taken on April 5, 2019.

Mount Yoshino Ropeway

Yoshino Ropeway, the oldest cable car still existing in Japan.

Shimo-Senbon Cherry Trees

“Nanamagari”, the start point of Mount Yoshino, and “Senbon-Sakura”, thousands of cherry trees.

Cherry Tree in Mount Yoshino

View from Mount Yoshino.


Street of Mount Yoshino

The streets are crowded with tourists.

Yoshino Chogu Ruins

Yoshino Chogu Ruins, which is related to Emperor Go-Daigo of 14th century.

Yoshino Chogu Ruins and Cherry Blossoms

Nancho Myohoden and cherry blossoms in Yoshino Chogu Ruins.

Naka-Senbon Cherry Trees

Look down “Nakasenbon” cherry trees from Yosimizu Shrine. These will be in full bloom on April 11.