Setouchi Triennale: Teshima and Azure Blue Sky

Road to Teshima Art MuseumPhoto Gallery

Teshima, which means ‘rich island’, is located in Seto Inland Sea. As its name suggests, this island is surrounded by beautiful nature and has a heart-touching rice terrace.

Flag and Boat in Teshima

The water glitters like jewelry in the strong sunlight.

Flowers in Teshima

A variety of flowers add colors to the scenic island with plentiful nature.

Shima Kitchen

Shima Kitchen serves the dishes made of local ingredients. Vegetables of Teshima are fresh and delicious.

Fig Tree in Teshima

A fig tree in front of Shima Kitchen.

A Road of Teshima

The road to Teshima Art Museum. There is a splendid view of the rice terrace and the sea ahead of here.

Road to Teshima Art Museum

Travelers will remember that Teshima is ‘rich island’ when they meet such a beautiful scenery.

Karato Tanada

Karato Rice Terrace has been a fallow paddy field before it was recovered in 2010 as the first Setouchi Triennale set out.

Karato Port

Karato Port, one of the entrances of Teshima.