Setouchi Triennale: Megijima’s ‘Oni’ Cave and Ogijima Lighthouse

Cat in OgijimaPhoto Gallery

Megijima is called ‘Onigashima’, “an island of demons” of Japanese folk tale “Momotaro”. Ogijima is the place where 50s movie “Times of Joy and Sorrow” was filmed. The pictures of these two islands.

Oni Lighthouse

‘Oni’ demon lighthouse welcomes tourists at the gate of Megijima’s harbor.

Sea Gulls Parking Lot

Sea Gulls Parking Lot, Takahito Kimura, and ‘oni’ lighthouse.

20th Century Recall

20th Century Recall, Hagetaka Funjo. A nostalgic melody is played over and over.

Oni Statue in Megijima

‘Oni’ appears everywhere around Onigashima Cave. There are many colors such as red, blue, and flesh-colored.

Ogijima Lighthouse

Ogijima Lighthouse is located at the northern end of Ogijima. This building has a long history.

Ogijima’s Soul

Ogijima’s Soul, Jaume Plensa. The roof composed of letters of Japanese, Arabic, Latin, Chinese, etc. casts shadows on the ground.

Torii in Ogijima

In Ogijima, many slopes run from the seaside to the land side.


Takotsuboru, TEAM OGI. Look inside the octopus pot…

Cat in Ogijima

Ogijima is known as one of the cat islands for cat lovers.