Setouchi Triennale: an Island of Olives and Soy Sauce

Waiting Room of Sakate PortPhoto Gallery

Shodoshima, one of the islands where Setouchi Triennale is being held, has large olive gardens and warehouses of soy sauce. A live action movie, “Kiki’s Delivery Service” was filmed on this island.

Shodoshima and Cloud

Shodoshima covered by thick cloud.

Shodoshima Olive Park

Olive trees in Shodoshima Olive Park. In this island, olive was successfully grown for the first time in Japan.

Bollard of Love

Bollard of Love, Hisakazu Shimizu

Bollard of Love

Bollard of Love is located near Movie Village of Twenty-Four Eyes in Tanoura Peninsula.

Hishio no Sato

Soy sauce production has a long history in Shodoshima. In “Hishio no Sato”, there are some warehouses accepting visitors.

Georges Gallery

Georges Rousse’s GEORGES gallery. Viewer can look at the classic Japanese house from a different angle. This gallery also has KOHIRA cafe.

Waiting Room of Sakate Port

Energetic painting drawn on the wall of waiting room in Sakate Port.

Sailing Ship around Shodoshima

A Ship said goodbye to Shodoshima.