Sanriku Railway Rias Line: Carrying Smiles All the Way along the Seaside

Train of Sanriku RailwayPhoto Gallery

Sanriku Railway Rias Line runs north and south along the coast of Iwate Prefecure. From the window, a series of magnificent views of sawtooth coastline comes into passengers’ eyes.

Sakari Station

Sakari Station is the southern end of Rias Line.

Train of Sanriku Railway

Illustrations on the train body is designed by local students of junior high school.

Horei to Sanriku

A view of the sea behind a huge embankment near Sanriku Station.


Overlook the back of Kamaishi-daikannon, a massive Buddhist statue, from Heita Station.

Kirikiri to Namiitakaigan

Near the town of Kirikiri, which is known by Hisashi Inoue’s “The People of Kirikiri”.

Sokei to Miyako

Hei River flows the center of Miyako.

Train of Sanriku Railway

Several cars of Sanriku Railway were purchased with support from Kuwait.

Sabane Station

Comical monkeys at Sabane Station.

Tanohata Station

Rias Line runs not only along the coast but also across the mountains.

Shiraikaigan to Horinai

Between Shiraikaigan and Horinai, Osawa Bridge is one of the photogenic spots.

View of Rias Coast

Waves beat on the rocks and splash the water.

Flags at Kuji Station

Many flags were fluttering in Kuji Station celebrating the opening of Lias Rine.