Reborn-Art Festival – A New Art Born of Tohoku

Ishinomaki, MiyagiPick up
Photograph: Photo AC

An event organized by music producer Kobayashi Takeshi. The second event is now being held from 3rd August to 29th September 2019 in Oshika Peninsula, Ajishima, Central Ishinomaki, Matsushima Bay.

Period3rd August (Sat) – 29th September (Sun) 2019
Close on Wednesdays
VenueIshinomaki area on Miyagi Prefecture, Oshika Peninsula, Ajishima
Official site

“Texture of Life”(Inochi no Tezawari)

This second festival considers art as a way of life, so they try to recapture the “texture of life” of Japanese contemporary society as the theme.

Music producer Kobayashi Takeshi and philosopher Nakazawa Shinichi in seven teams of curators have selected artworks are exhibited at Ishinomaki, Ajishima to Oshika Peninsula.

Access to Ishinomaki from Sendai Station

To participate in the “Reborn-Art Festival”, first you need to go to Sendai by plane or Shinkansen. Then from Sendai Station, you may choose to use the bus or train to continue your trip to Ishinomaki where the festival is taking place. The time schedule and price for both bus and train is mostly the same, but buses come more frequently.

If you choose to ride the bus, take the Miyagi-Kotsu “Miyako” bus bound for Ishinomaki from Sendai-ekimae Eden No. 21 Bus Stop. There are two buses come every hour.

Matsushima, Miyagi

Photograph: Photo AC

If you go a little further from Ishinomaki, we highly recommend you to visit Matsushima as one of the three most scenic sights in Japan. It only takes about an hour train ride to reach Matsushima from Ishinomaki.