Who are WE?

WeltenRoute The Road to Unknown World

About us

WeltenRoute is the travel website on the best route to explore Japan. We also share tourist information, travel ideas, routes and itineraries to help you plan your dream trip. This website makes it possible for you to sketch your own route or itinerary to match your travel interests. In addition to Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, we will be posting more information throughout Japan.

“A trip to discover new world”

WeltenRoute will share travel routes recommended by our team based on your travel theme. Uncover amazingly unique cultures and traditions, and explore the rich nature of every region. Let’s make a plan, go visit popular destinations and rediscover hidden places.

“A trip that everyone can enjoy”

The reasons why people travel are varied, to rejuvenate soul and spirit in nature, to observe art, museums and historic sites, or to savor local cuisine. And among travelers, there are junior, senior and physically challenged travelers. So, our goals are to cater all travel needs for every traveler and to help make your trip so much more enjoyable.

Let’s go on a journey

Every trip requires some planning but making a itinerary from scratch is never easy for any travelers. We need to seek out for sightseeing spots and transportation to these places. WeltenRoute helps you make travel planning easier with various choices of our recommended routes, travel ideas and tips.

Our team

WeltenRoute is managed by Eka Fithri & Takahide Fukuda who love to travel and share their travel experiences.