Aichi Triennale and Public Art in Nagoya City

Wall Painting near EntonjiPhoto Gallery

Aichi Triennale 2019 that has been held in four areas of Nagoya and Toyota, Aichi prefecture, got a great amount of attention. Look back on the event in pictures.

Aichi Triennale Banner

The entrance of Nagoya City Art Museum, one of the main venues. A huge sign catches visitor’s eye.

Drone Shadow

Drone Shadow, James BRIDLE. An image of reconnaissance drone reminds us of violence occurring somewhere in the world.


Shikemichi preserves traces of Edo period as the castle town of Nagoya. This is also the venue of the Triennale.

Wall Painting near Entonji

MISSING PIECE, WASHIO Tomoyuki. During the Triennale, daily music sessions were taken place here.

Entonji Shopping Street

There were few people in Endoji Hommachi Shopping Arcades this morning. Pink ropes hanging from the arcade is participating works of the Triennale. Living Coral / 16-1546 / Market, Ayşe ERKMEN.

Ship Sculpture in Sakae

Hisaya-odori Street has a lot of public artworks like this huge ship though those were not participating in Aichi Triennale.


Anti-thesis: Gazing up at the endless blue // stained forever by its color // I have ceased to be myself, TAKAMINE Tadasu. This work is located in former Toyota Higashi High School and has extraordinary appearance.

Toyota Municipal Museum of Art

Toyota Municipal Museum of Art was designed by Yoshio Taniguchi, a modernism architect. Taniguchi was also worked on a new building of Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York.