Aichi Triennale 2019: From Contemporary Art to Pop Music

Sakae in Nagoya, AichiPick up
Photograph: Photo AC

Visual art mixes with performance art as well as popular music. Wide range of artists joins this event.

PeriodAugust 1 (Thu) to October 14 (Mon, holiday), 2019
Venue4 areas in Nagoya City and Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

Art festival takes place in three museums and a historical quarter

Aichi Triennale 2019, the fourth art event that has been held every three years, takes place in four areas within Nagoya City and Toyota City.

Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya City Art Museum, and Shikemichi are located near Sakae, a shopping street in the east of Nagoya Station. These three places are accessible on foot.

The fourth place, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art takes is about an hour away from Sakae by subway.

Artists of various genres gather from all around the world

A feature of this art festival is the diversity of participating artists and their works. More than 90 artists as well as Sakanaction, a well-known J-pop band, take part this event.

Another feature is that there are several tours for people with special needs. So, persons with hearing or visual disabilities and parents accompanied by a stroller can also enjoy artworks.

Aichi Triennale is urban-style art event where those who are not so familiar with contemporary art can visit easily.